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Market Report of pepper
Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The market remained steady. Prices at domestic market were relatively stable, both for black and white pepper. In dollar terms however, local price in Lampung has decreased, while in Kuching and Kochi increased. This was due to local currency development occurred during the week. In India and Malaysia their local currencies were strengthening, while in Indonesia was weakening. A marginal increase of Sarawak black in local market was recorded from MYR 15.7 per kg on Thursday to MYR 16 at the week’s close. Except Malabar and Vietnamese black, fob prices of pepper in Indonesia and Sarawak were reported stable. Fob price of Vietnamese white pepper is also stable.

As reported earlier, production of white pepper in Indonesia is estimated to be slightly better, particularly in Bangka. Out of 20,000 mt of white pepper production reported in 2012, a volume of 13,107 mt, valued at US$ 118.5 million was exported in 2012. In line with the production development and high pepper price prevailed during the year, export of white pepper from Indonesia is estimated to be more than the volume exported in 2012. During this decade share of white pepper shipped from Bangka port has decreased from year to year. During January - August 2013, Bangka have shipped 4,837 mt of white pepper as against 4,388 mt in the same period last year. Taking into account of the shipments of white pepper from other ports, it is estimated that during January - August total volume of white pepper exported from Indonesia, may touch at 9,000 mt.

Export of Pepper from Bangka in MT 
Months     2011   2012    2013 
Jan            607     493     492 
Feb           291     671     410 
Mar           462     466     489 
Apr           557     394     621 
May          540     518     503 
Jun            603     428     525 
Jul             521     768     847 
Aug           757     650     951 
Sep           706     1,033 
Oct           638     693 
Nov          537     580 
Dec          518     599 
Jan-Aug   4,338  4,388   4,837 
Jan-Dec   607     493      492 


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