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Picking up the fallen things that filled the yard in the countryside that were once burned to make money I can't count
Tuesday, August 10, 2021

This type of leaves is not rare because they fall everywhere, especially in the countryside. At one time they went unnoticed and burned.

However, now bamboo leaves are for sale online for those who specialize in wrapping cakes to buy.

The most commonly purchased bamboo leaves are Bat Do bamboo leaves for export to Taiwan (China).

Bamboo leaves are small, slender, flat, tapering towards the tip, sharp.

The selling price of 500g of dried bamboo leaves of type 1 is up to 165,000 VND. Thus, if buying 1kg of dried bamboo leaves costs more than 320,000 VND.
With dried bamboo leaf products, the seller is committed to not being damaged for a long time, can be stored for savings.

On Amazon, 100 cards are sold for 12.99 pounds.

The purchased bamboo leaves must be of good quality, not yellowed, not torn, the leaves must be large

In addition to the use of cake wrapping, bamboo leaves have long been considered by traditional medicine as a medicinal herb, effective in healing.

Bamboo leaves have a cooling effect and contain many substances that are good for the body.

Bamboo is very easy to live, does not need too many conditions. If you grow bamboo for leaves, it doesn't take too much care and you can still make money.

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