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Longan, Hung Yen agricultural products 'surpass difficulties' Covid, go to foreign markets
Saturday, August 7, 2021

Shorten customs clearance time to China

"In addition to the current largest customer, China, the province has also promoted orders with the UK, Belgium, Australia and France. In the Southeast Asian market, we have a memorandum of understanding on consumption of longan," said particular and agricultural products in general.

The province also has high expectations for appearing in the Japanese market this year, Mr. Tran Quoc Van, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, said in the opening part of the Conference connecting supply and demand for longan and longan consumption. agricultural products in Hung Yen province in 2021, taking place on the morning of July 15 in Ho Chi Minh City. Hung Yen.

According to the organizers, attending the conference were representatives of management agencies and businesses with 12 domestic demand points, more than 60 demand points in countries such as China, Australia, Japan, Thailand and the US.

At the beginning of one of the four bridge points in China, Mr. Dieu Ve Hong, Deputy Director of Guangxi Department of Commerce emphasized that this province has land and sea borders with Vietnam, so the Guangxi provincial government wishes to increase economic development and trade with Vietnam. In 2020, the province's total import-export turnover with Vietnam is more than 121 billion yuan.

"Guangxi imports a large amount of Vietnamese fruit. Vietnamese fruits not only meet the fruit needs of the province, but also meet the needs of many other localities. These can be mentioned products such as longan, dragon fruit, guava, mangosteen," said Mr. Dieu.

An official from the Guangxi Department of Commerce said that last year, the province imported hundreds of millions of yuan of Vietnamese fruit products, led by dragon fruit with a value of more than 390 million yuan.

The representative of Guangxi government proposed that the Ministry of Agriculture an
d Rural Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade coordinate with relevant localities and agencies of the two countries to continue to promote shortening the customs clearance time, creating a good coordination mechanism between the two businesses. country.

Mr. Wang Xiaohua, Deputy Director of the Department of Commerce of Yunnan, China, raised the current difficulties for both countries due to the impact of Covid-19.

"Covid is causing many challenges, including import and export. We ask relevant agencies of the two countries to actively find solutions to both ensure epidemic prevention and control, while maintaining and improving import-export capacity. agricultural products and other commodities," said Mr.

Mr. Wang added that Yunnan authorities "extremely expect and welcome" businesses of the two countries to actively seek out new opportunities through the online exhibition model at the Yunnan Expo Center. .

"This form has both ensured safety for the prevention of Covid because businesses only need to send us pictures. Through that, businesses of the two countries find opportunities for cooperation themselves."

At the end of the talk of his Chinese partner, Mr. Ho Toa Cam, Counselor in charge of economy and trade, Chinese Embassy in Vietnam, said that Vietnam is currently the 3rd ranked country in the world. The country exports agricultural products to China, worth more than 500 million USD.

The Chinese Embassy's counselor said that they are still focusing on customs clearance and reducing congestion at the border gate.

"Hung Yen longan is fresh, sweet and diverse, which are advantages that have been recognized and appreciated by Chinese consumers for many years. The Embassy is ready to coordinate with Hung Yen province and agencies. relevant to import more longan. We emphasize the role of businesses in Guangxi, Yunnan and partner businesses in Vietnam," said Mr. Ho Toa Cam.

The representative of the Chinese Embassy said that one of the solutions to improve the export value of Hung Yen agricultural products is to invest in the preliminary and processing stages.

"We are encouraging Chinese businesses to invest in this stage in Vietnam."

Ngoài Trung Quốc, đang có thêm nhiều thị trường mới tiềm năng cho quả nhãn và các nông sản khác của Hưng Yên. Ảnh: Tùng Đinh.

Changing approach to the US market

In the new market section, Mr. Bui Huy Son, Counselor of the Mission, Trade Office of Vietnam in the US, said that due to geographical characteristics, the biggest challenge for our country's agricultural products is to ensure the freshness when entering the market. this market due to long shipping time.

However, the advantage is the high export value and diversity in the consumer culture of Americans who always want to learn about tropical agricultural products like in Vietnam.

"The United States is a high consumption market for agricultural products. In 2021, the country is expected to import 15.1 USD of fruit. Diversity in consumer culture of Americans always wants to learn about tropical agricultural products like in Vietnam".

Mr. Son said that the agricultural products exported to the US are mainly mango, longan, litchi, dragon fruit, rambutan, and milkweed. In the first half of 2021, the value of fruit exports to the US reached 57.4 million USD, up 16% over the same period last year.

Current and upcoming difficulties are not necessarily Covid-19, but also pressure from rivals from the US interior and South American countries. To solve this problem, Mr. Son said that exporters need to link with US importers to improve payment efficiency.

"It's also important that airline businesses open direct cargo flights to the US. The way Americans eat fruit is also increasingly moving in the direction of 'instant', which means that the fruit must be cut into pieces. taste good, even toothpicks and forks are available".

Mr. Kingsley Songer, General Director of 4 Ways Fresh Company, Australian market, suggested that Vietnam should have a more convenient way of fruit packaging for local consumers, suitable for carrying away and using many times. This importer estimated last year to import 50 tons of longan, and this year it is expected to import 30 tons of longan from Hung Yen and Son La.

It is expected that the Australian Minister of Agriculture will soon have a meeting with his Vietnamese counterpart this year to further promote the import and export of agricultural products between the two countries.

Lễ cắt băng khởi động chương trình đưa nhãn và nông sản Hưng Yên lên đường tiêu thụ. Ảnh: Tùng Đinh.

Mr. Shiotani Yuichiro, General Director of AEON TOPVALU VIETNAM, at the city bridge point. Ho Chi Minh, said Hung Yen is a province that many Japanese businesses are interested in.

"AEON wants to bring into the Japanese market many Vietnamese agricultural products, especially Hung Yen longan. Currently, Japan has not licensed Hung Yen. We want to use the worldwide AEON store system to bring the product to Japan. Hung Yen longan comes to many countries".

A representative of AEON said that he wishes to receive cooperation from many sides to be able to bring Hung Yen label to Japanese consumers in the future.

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