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Vietnam's ginger exports to Australia grew by 1350 % over the same period
Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Ginger export turnover in the first 4 months of the year increased

In the first four months of 2021 alone, Vietnam's ginger exports to Australia grew by 1350 percent over the same period, reaching more than $348,000.

Currently, Vietnamese frozen ginger is not only sold at supermarkets, shops, but also online. The price of frozen Vietnamese ginger in Australia is about 9-13 AUD/1kg. Ginger is packaged in half a kilo or 1kg mainly for restaurants.

The deal is asking the exporter to pack a smaller package of about 250 grams to meet the consumption needs of families.

Nông dân miền Tây trúng đậm mùa gừng ảnh 4

The program to promote the export of Vietnamese agricultural products and spices is continuing to be promoted by the Trade Office to exploit the market space. Particularly for ginger, although growing at a rate of 1350% in the first 4 months of the year compared to the same period last year, the market share of imported ginger in Australia is still large. The deal calls for businesses to continue to increase exports of this item.

Besides boosting the export of fresh agricultural products, which are facing many challenges due to transportation, Australia is also able to grow fresh fruits like Vietnam with measures to prolong the growing season. Therefore, promoting the export of frozen ginger is an effective direction, not only in terms of market share and turnover, but more importantly, convenient storage and transportation in the context of Covid-19.
Nông dân miền Tây trúng đậm mùa gừng ảnh 1

Developing Vietnamese ginger market share in Australia

In order to diversify agricultural products and find opportunities for export development, the Vietnam Trade Office in Australia has researched and implemented a program to build brands and promote consumption of agricultural products and spices in this market.

Through a market survey from January 2021, the Trade Office found that fresh ginger in Australia sometimes amounted to more than 50AUD / 1kg (about 850,000 VND). In particular, the Australian market is promoting ginger imports. The deal predicts that the import turnover of this item in Australia can reach more than 100 billion VND.

Previously, Vietnamese frozen ginger was exported to Australia in insignificant quantities, unknown to consumers. The Australian market has not yet opened the market for Vietnamese fresh ginger. However, the Trade Office found that Vietnam's frozen old ginger retains its flavor and is fully capable of conquering the market.

Accordingly, the communication was carried out to stores, supermarkets and especially the restaurant system with the message of Vietnamese frozen ginger - Special flavor, affordable price.

In addition, in order to attract attention and enhance the value of the Vietnamese ginger brand, the Trade Office asked the Organizing Committee of the Community Golf Tournament at Parramatta to agree to advertise Vietnamese ginger at the Hole-in-one hole with a prize of value. The price is 10,000 Australian dollars (about 170 million VND – The prize is sponsored by the Organizing Committee; The deal is free of charge).

This golf tournament takes place in the largest Vietnamese capital in Australia, gathering many business people, especially in the culinary field, so the spread of the Vietnamese ginger brand is very large. Exporting agricultural products is not only a turnover but also a link to the love of the homeland, so overseas Vietnamese always wholeheartedly support.

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