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Fragrant zucchini, a potential crop of Bac Kan
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Fragrant zucchini is native to Dia Linh and Yen Duong communes, Ba Be district. This is a short-term tree after only 3-4 months of planting, it can be harvested, easy to grow, easy to take care of, especially suitable for planting on 1-crop field, land cover. Harvested squash has an average weight of 2 - 3kg / fruit.

Bac Kan fragrant zucchini has two types of zucchini and zucchini, but the common feature is that all of them are fragrant stems, leaves, flowers and fruits. When processed, there is plasticity, natural aroma, rich taste ...

Mr. Luong Van Yen - Chairman of the Farmers Association of Dia Linh commune said: Many villagers find aromatic squash cultivation is effective and gives high income, so they have switched from growing rice and other crops to growing squash. Many households not only escaped poverty, but also built houses with billions of dollars, bought motorbikes and sent their children to school properly.
Vườn bí xanh thơm chuẩn bị thu hoạch. Ảnh: Toán Nguyễn.

Due to the increasing market demand, the aromatic zucchini area in Bac Kan has also been expanded. From only growing in Dia Linh and Yen Duong communes, up to now the people of Ba Be district have expanded their planted areas in neighboring communes such as Chu Huong, Thuong Giao, Ha Hieu ... increasing the total area of growing zucchini in the district. more than 76ha.

Identifying fragrant zucchini as a plant with great potentials to develop into a specialty agricultural area, Bac Kan province has recently implemented many supportive policies to bring zucchini products to the domestic market.

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