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  • This year, thanks to favorable weather, stable sea environment, seaweed cartilage of fishermen in coastal areas of Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province has been raising for high productivity and selling price, so seaweed cartilage growers where This is fun. After several years of crop failure, now people have been compensated by the sea.
  • On 25/5, in Thanh Xa commune, Thanh Ha district, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Hai Duong province and Thanh Ha district organized the program of collecting lychee for export and cutting the tape to export the first lot of cloth to Singapore, USA, Australia in 2020.
  • According to Mr. Yoshinobu Nisaka, Governor of Wakayama Province, Japan is very interested in the situation of agricultural development cooperation between Vietnam and Japan in general as well as Wakayama and Long An provinces in particular.
  • Plum curing stomach ulcers

    Tuesday, March 10, 2020

    According to Oriental medicine, squid or bones of white medicinal squid like chalk has a salty taste, a slightly fishy smell is a medicine that can treat many diseases in medicine.
  • In the kitchen of the housewives now, cashew nuts appear quite popular. This shows that the product has a very important role in food processing as well as our lives.
  • D’Ran town, a small land at the foot of the D’Ran mountain pass which is famous for its rose-laden orchards, and the aromatic cayen pineapple gardens. And from these pineapple trees, a young man has found his direction, and accompanied the people in his homeland. It was Nguyen Hong Toan, a native of Phu Thuan, D’Ran, Don Duong
  • For cassava alone, the export in November 2019 was estimated at 26 thousand tons, worth US $ 6.6 million, up 130.3% in volume and up 118.9% in value compared to October 2019.
  • China is currently the largest market for cassava and Vietnamese cassava products. In particular, cassava starch is increasing market share in China.
  • Each year Phan Thiet processes 55 tons of dried fish for domestic consumption and exports to fastidious markets.
  • The world's most populous country became Vinamit's strategic market by accounting for more than two-thirds of the Group's key export products in 2018.
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