• Picture of Black Cardamom

    - Brown, aroma and spicy characteristics of product.
    - Admixture: 2 % max
    - Moisture: 13 % max
    - Packing: 25Kg or 50kg/PP+PE bag or your require
    - Quantity: 14 MT/ 20 FCL
    - Supply period: all year round

    - Cardamom is a rare spice. The effect of cardamom is cure spleen and stomach, and paludism.

  • Picture of Watermelon seed
    • Commodity: Watermelon seed
    • Style: Dried
    • Color: Black/ Light brown
    • Size: 10cm\10.5cm\11cm
    • Moisture: 6%-9% 
    • Purity: 99.9%
    • Package: In PP woven bags 25/50kg or for customers' request
    • Origin: Viet Nam
  • Picture of Malva nuts

    - Style: dried

    - Colour : pale brown

    - Shape : oval or elongated
    - Length : 1.8 - 2 cm
    - Width : 1.2 - 2.5 cm
    - Taste : light sweet

    - Moisture: 13.5% max

    - Admixture: 0%

    - Packing: 50kg/ jute bag or pack as customer request

    - Malva nuts: sweetened, welding, thermal bar effect, benefit throat, detoxification facilities, often used to treat cough, sore throat, vomiting blood, bowel blood, nosebleeds, urinary tract infections, toothache, sore red eyes, pimples. 

  • Picture of Coix seeds

    - Latin Name: Semen Coicis

    - Variety: Coix seeds / Semen Coicis Extract

    - 100% natural

    - Colour: dark brown

    - Size: 4-6mm wide, 7-9mm long

    - Packing: 25kgs/drum or or as buyer's request

    - Properties: The herb is sweet and tasteless in flavour, slightly cold in nature. It acts on spleen, stomach and lung channels. Tasteless for removing dampness, sweet for tonifying spleen, slight coldness for eliminating heat, and neutral, not oily and not drastic, coix seed as a herb for eliminating heat and dampness is indicated for edema, diarrhea, damp arthralgia and pulmonary abscess.

    - Effects: Inducing diuresis, excreting dampness, strengthening spleen, arresting diarrhea, clearing heat and pus.

  • Picture of Vietnam rubber seed

    Natural Dry
    Diameter: 18 - 20 mm
    Moisture: 4 - 10%

    Foreign matter: 2%
    Packaging: 50kg/bag, 100kg/ PP bag

  • Picture of Cotton seed

    Cotton has been growing from many decades ago. It’s more important crop and it has its own important.  Cotton seed is removing from raw cotton after ginning process. Cotton seed has its own kingdom in globe for usefulness for various purposes. Cotton seed is occupied around 65% in raw cotton so it is widely available in much cotton growing country.

    Cotton seed has wide range of uses. Especially it is useful for extract oil from it. Cotton seed oil is edible for human consumption purpose and more tasty and scientifically more effectively. Cotton seed is rich in protein so it is useful as a feed for animal.

    - Style: Natural
    - Moisture: 12% Max.
    - Crude Protein: 14% Min.
    - FFA: 2% Max.
    - Fat (Oil): 11% Min
    - Sand silica max: 0.25%
    - Acid value: 10%
    - Packing: 50kgs/ PP bags

  • Picture of Fresh  betel nut

    - Style : fresh

    - Grade : A
    - Colour : green skin, bright pink inside
    - Size (cm) : 5
    - Weight (kg) : 0.23

    - Packing : PE 100% net:0.5kg-5kg, 15-20kgs/ printed carton

                    or as buyer's request

  • Picture of Frozen Fresh betel nut

    - Style : frozen

    - Grade : A
    - Colour : green skin, bright pink inside
    - Size (cm) : 5
    - Weight (kg) : 0.23
    - Maturity : young
    - Packing : PE 100% net:0.5kg-5kg, 15-20kgs/ printed carton

                    or as buyer's request

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