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  • Picture of SCALLION

    Scientific name: Allium fistulosum L
    Under them out: Alliaceae.
    Tall: 50cm, with small corms, white or brown, only slightly inflated, 0.7-1.5 cm wide. Green leaf mold, hollow cylinder, 3 edge at the bottom, to 30cm long, with long sheath with 1/4 plate.
    Color: green

  • Picture of SPINACH

    Scientific name: Ipomoea aquatica
    Under their sweet potatoes: Convolvulaceae
    - Grows cows, in water or on land. Hollow, thick, with deeper eyes, no feathers. Leaves of three edges, spikes, sometimes narrow and long.
    - Color: green

  • Picture of SWEET LEAF

    Scientific name: Sauropus androgynus
    Color: green
    - It have protein, fat, sugar, potassium, iron, manganese, copper, beta-carotene, vitamin C, B1, B2. It is recommended for weight loss and patients who have high blood sugar. vegetable sweetness welding shrinkage (as cool - cold cooked down). Having to clear heat, detoxification, diuretic, increased salivation, accumulation of blood work, complementary blood, took blood, laxative, antiseptic, inflammatory targets, student body.

  • Picture of VEGETABLES JUTE

    Style: fresh
    Color: green
    Original: Viet Nam
    Cure hit the sun
    Cure edema and ascites
    Constipation Cure
    Cure snake bite

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