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  • Picture of MALABAR SPINACH

    Scientific name: Basella abba L
    They spinach: Basellaceae
    This type of vines wrap, fat and oil, every year or two years to live. Thick heart shaped leaves, growing alternating, single, whole, with stems.
    - Style: fresh
    - Color: green

  • Picture of MINT

    Scientific name: Alocasia odora
    Under their wax: Araceae. BIOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS
    Color: green
    Style: fresh
    - Mint is perennial, herbaceous, stem (petiole) thick, spongy and succulent. Tree height of about 1 m, which usually grow in wetlands and moist. The bulbous roots as a "root." Mint leaves to the arrow-shaped, 30-90 cm long, middle veins running along the length of the leaf


    Style: fresh
    Color: green
    Place of origin: Viet Nam

  • Picture of PERILLA

    Scientific name: Perilla frutescens.
    Under their lips flowers: Lamiaceae.
    - high 0,5 - 1m. Leaves on, edges, ribs, lower side purple violet, when both sides are purple, brown or green with rough hairs. Small white flowers grow in xim has branches at the top, white or purple, rose for, 4 binary not protruding outside the state flower. Too small, spherical. The whole plant is aromatic and fluffy. Species perilla leaf edges curl (Perilla ocymoides L. var. Bicolorlaciniata) have a higher value use.
    - Color: green, purple

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