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    Not only are medicines, food plant chives are also spices into delicious dishes prepared with healing effects.
    Plants small workshop many years to live, with body upright, cylindrical or in the corner. Leaves at stem base, the narrow strip of flat, grooved.
    - High: 20-50cm
    - Length of leaves: 15-30cm
    - Wide of leaves: 1.5-7mm
    - Stye: fresh

  • Picture of BASIL

    Scientific name: Mentha arvensis.
    Under their lips flowers: Lamiaceae.
    - Draft 30-70cm tall trees, often branching. Phienn ovate leaves, oval, sharp-pointed, rounded or obtuse angle, cut jagged edges, the smooth surface,
    - Long: 4-6cm
    - Wide: 1.5-2.5 cm
    - Color: green

  • Picture of BITTER HERBS

    Tall: 10 – 30 cm
    Leaves small, alternately, she held out.
    Leaf blade 1.5-2 cm long, 0.4 cm wide
    used as diuretics, treatment urination, kidney stones, detoxification and treatment of snake bites, pimples, jaundice.
    Color: green, pale purple

  • Picture of BROCCOLI

    Scientific name: Brassica juncea
    Under their wealth: Brassicaceae
    Color: green
    Style: fresh
    Original: Viet Nam

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